Tonight we will strike the set of Doubt. I anticipate sleep coming fairly early in the morning, and for this reason, I respectfully decline to write a substantive post this evening.

Thank you for your understanding,




Not really.

But apologies, yes. Sometimes in the world surrounding Arena Theater, we are discouraged from making apologies. At Workout Christmas (in March), for example, the only rule is that you give your gift without any sort of apology – verbal or otherwise. This is a difficult job, and I think some people (especially people at Wheaton) might see it as an endeavor not worth pursuing, to do things without apology. After all, we hear frequently about contrite hearts and true repentance, and those certainly seem to get along with apologies well. But there’s also a definite something to be said for owning your decisions and trusting another person to respond well – no one really rejects gifts, right? It’s the same notion with recitals and all other types of performances. We’re making some sort of offering of ourselves to the other people in the room, and we have to let them decide how much what we’re offering is worth (not much of a choice there), but it doesn’t or shouldn’t really make a difference in what we offer and how we offer it. You put something out there as a part of you that you’re opening up for public consumption (risky business all in itself), and you just have to let other people do what they will.

And to think this post started as an apology for not putting in much thought lately. Irony: always there when you least expect.

Addendum 4/13: In the spirit of not apologizing for less inspired blog posts, I’ve decided life is too short to write blog posts out of obligation. Therefore, NaBloPoMo means I write something every day¬†if I feel like it.

to flirt with rescue…

In case you just don’t have enough melancholy in your life, one song, one performer, two ways:

If you’d like costumes and a little extra dialogue:

Or if you’d prefer plain clothes and a mini interview and better sound quality and no credits running across your screen:


A partial list of courses that should be taught at Wheaton College (under “experimental courses,” to be sure), with input from those wiser and wittier than me:

The Chemistry of Baking (with Lab) (Walhout)
The Bible Doesn’t Ask Rhetorical Questions (Mark Lewis)
How to Be Healthily Into Yourself
Omelettes: The Art of Chee (with Dao and Y-Do)
Interacting with StrengthsQuest Without Becoming Obsessed
Children’s TV Programming and Music (Dr. O, cross-listed Conservatory and Comm)

blast from the past

Tonight I hosted a study session for the 20th century music class, and it brought back all the memories (particularly of me and Darby sitting in that class every MWF, an experience I will forever associate with the nutty aroma of the brown rice she regularly ate for lunch).

As I’m exhausted from talking for three hours, I’ll make this brief.

  • Don’t like the serialists.
  • John Cage is the best.
  • Stockhausen was wacked out and highly amusing. (Helicopters? Hello.)
  • Boulez and Babbitt have it all wrong.
  • Except for the thing Babbitt said about how music doesn’t have to be built for the masses to be “good.”
  • Still, the mushrooms. (See Cage.)

Amen? Amen.

And good luck to all the 20c-ers…don’t forget to sleep.

Best you’re gonna get

1. The best yogurt you’re gonna get pretty much anywhere (in my experience, at least):


2. The best blog post you’re gonna get after a long Monday.

That’s all.

In review of the review

In reviewing last night’s discussion of Things That Keep Me From Sleeping, I realized I neglected to mention a few things.

Namely, things you should avoid doing if you want to have any hope of settling in at a reasonable hour. Shall we?

  • You should not make plans to frolic in the great city of Chicago with a very good friend.
  • It would be a mistake to allow your mother to get you tickets to a play there (especially Peter and the Starcatcher).
  • To walk in figure eights around charming city blocks would, too, be ill-advised.
  • I certainly would not follow that with an insane three-plus hours sitting and chatting at Little Goat Diner.
  • (On a quite serious note, I would not take up the waitress on every offer of “more coffee?”)
  • And I most, most definitely would not get your adrenaline going by delivering donuts to the donut-obsessed.

Alas, here we are. And all of those things would only be discouraged if you actually hoped to sleep. If, instead, your goals are to have a both restful and completely joyous Sunday, go right ahead. Satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.

In review

Today was a day of leisure, finally.
With a little bit of sleeping in
A little bit of practicing
A little bit of running
A little bit of watching Tessa astound and amaze at her recital
A little bit of grading
A little bit of journaling

And a lot of mind-racing (preventing me from sleeping)
From trying to memorize secrets (April Project)
From a couple texts going unanswered
From realizing that maybe journaling right before bed is a bad idea
And maybe reading thoughtful people’s blog posts right before bed isn’t the best idea either
(Yet I don’t think I really regret either of those decisions)

To sleep then
Hoping all the mind races will finish quickly or fade into the distance

[pardon the poetry that always feels a little lot bit out of character]

Doubt: an opening night

Today, one of the four cast members of Doubt (running through next Saturday at Arena Theater) twisted her ankle. The show opened tonight. And she did the show with a cane that she’d never practiced with, because obviously people don’t expect to have a twisted ankle.

All this to say, Sister Aloysius just got a lot older, and Hannah is a hero.

And last opening night of the year = wow, people are graduating, and it’s almost summer.

self-serving, maybe; snacking, yes

True story: I was susceptible to marketing schemes and also to my stomach.

Second true story: I hooked Abby too.

Essentially, you get portable, tasty snacks delivered right to your mailbox every 2 or 4 weeks, and you’ve got some say in what you get. I’m a fan because it gives me nuts and seeds and dried fruit, which I like a whole lot, and popcorn (sometimes with a twist of black pepper), which Abby likes a lot. And you get the first and fifth boxes free. (See above and below re: marketing scheme.)


Q&A time with Margaret:

Is it all just a giant marketing scheme? Probably. Yes.

Is it a waste of packaging? Yes. But the stuff is all recyclable, so…”half dozen of one to the other,” as one person I interacted with today mistakenly said twice.

What are you getting out of all this? Besides snacks? More snacks. Every time somebody says they want in from the link below, I get cash money toward snacks.

Is there a risk of Abby going the hospital? We’re being careful. Maybe we’ll call Public Safety.

What snacks have you gotten so far? Popcorn, a trail mixy thing, li’l oat crackers with onion marmalade, and another one I haven’t had yet and thus don’t remember.

How many snacks to a box, then? Have you been keeping this a secret? 4 snacks to a box, no secrets.

How do I get a free box like you did? By going riiiiight over here.

Amen? Amen.

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